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Regional Networking

CAPSES maintains 10 regions throughout the State under the leadership of the CAPSES Board of Directors. Each region is coordinated by local Board Member Regional Representatives. This Unique Structure enables local members to communicate directly with the Board through their Regional Represenatives to acquire pertinent information about new state public policy and management.

Regions thorough the State:

  • Region 1 (Orange County)
  • Region 2 (San Diego)
  • Region 3 (East, South and Central L.A.)
  • Region 4 (San Fernando Valley)
  • Region 5 (San Gabriel Valley)
  • Region 6 (Inland Impire - Riverside)
  • Region 7 ( San Francisco South Bay - Peninsula)
  • Region 8 (San Francisco East Bay)
  • Region 9 (San Francisco North Bay)
  • Region 10 (Sacramento Valley)

Govermental Affairs Advocacy

Effective advocacy at the federal, state and local levels of government is the primary focus of the CAPSES Governmental Affairs Committee Annual Action Plan.

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