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CAPSES Preferred Partner Program:  With mounting operating costs, schools are under extreme pressure to find new and innovative ways to trim their expenses. Every dollar that can be shaved off of capital or operating expenses can translate into more resources for educating your students. By utilizing CAPSES' Partner Programs, your school can save significantly.

R. H. Mason 

R. H. Mason works with CAPSES members to reduce insurance expense to the lowest possible cost while improving upon existing coverage and service.  Dealing with hundreds of brokers, we obtain the latest information on which insurance companies are most competitive at any given time, in any given industry. This provides access to the most competitive programs for the "short" period they may be available.   Our process accesses the insurance marketplace from the most competitive access point.  To produce the most competitive quote from each insurance company, we make certain that the quote is obtained from the most advantageous access point.


We really like our current insurance broker with whom we have done business for 20 or more years, and the thought of bringing in an insurance consulting group caused us more than a little trepidation. Frankly, the reason we brought in R. H. Mason had to do with TIEE's long-standing relationship with CAPSES, which permitted the Mason group to make a presentation at a CAPSES conference.  We felt obligated to CAPSES, and we thought that contracting with R. H. Mason would be a "no-loss" situation.  It proved to be much more.

R. H. Mason's service involves two rather distinct functions, which, taken together, substantially reduced our workers' compensation insurance costs and they are likely to reduce yours.  First, they will do a detailed analysis of your losses and, based on our experience, it is very probable that they will find ways for your organization to curb its workers' comp losses by making you smarter in how injuries are managed.  In our case, one of the actions we learned to take involved meeting with the health care facility that handles our workers' injuries.  As a result, the medical provider closes cases more promptly and, in doing so there is no compromise to the care needed by the employees, but there is a saving to TIEE. 

Secondly, and possibly more important is that R. H. Mason is likely to be able to reduce the premium you are paying for your workers' compensation insurance.  They do so through their extensive knowledge of the industry along with their ability to negotiate on your behalf.  Most likely, like us, you do not have knowledge of the workers' compensation insurance industry, and most likely you don't know how to negotiate with your broker.  They do and, for us; they have been very successful.  Their fee is a portion of what we have saved.  That's a win-win for sure.

All of this is enough to recommend R. H. Mason; however, there is more.  Interactions with the Masons have been a pleasure.  They are knowledgeable, friendly, and have been clearly "in our court."  Their approach has also steeled our resolve in dealing with other insurers, and the effects have been positive.  We plan to continue our relationship with R. H. Mason and recommend them to you. 

Dr. Suzy Fitch, The Institute for Effective Education.

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