Sep 05

CTC Releases First 2018 Teacher Residency Grant RFP Application


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Link to RFP

A school district, county office of education, charter school, regional occupational center or program operated by a joint powers authority, and nonpublic, nonsectarian schools, as defined in Education Code Section 56034, may apply for funding to of up to a maximum of $50,000 per grant to support a collaborative partnership between the eligible LEA and an IHE that offers a Commission-approved teacher preparation program to develop the partnerships’ capacity to develop and be prepared to operate a teacher residency program for special education, STEM, and/or bilingual education teacher Residents in the applicant LEA.   Proposals must be received by the Commission by 5 p.m. PDT on September 24, 2018. 

Eligible applicants for Teacher Residency Capacity Grants are Local Education Agencies (LEAs) that either have an existing partnership or are interested in establishing a partnership with one or more institutions of higher education (IHEs) to operate a teacher residency pathway within their Commission-approved teacher preparation program to prepare Special education

teacher residents within the applicant LEA or in partnership with Nonpublic Schools. Eligible applicants must have a CD/CDS code issued by the California Department of Education (all NPS have this code).   Any Nonpublic School Applicants should note that there is a statutory one hundred percent (100%) match requirement for each grant dollar received.  Matching funds may be actual funds and/or in-kind match.  Eligible LEAs may partner with Nonpublic Schools and any Commission-approved teacher preparation program except Intern programs to develop and operate a student-teaching based teacher residency program pathway.

Grant applicants may consist of a college or university with a special education credential program, and one or more, or any combination, of a school district, county office of education, a charter school, a regional occupational center, or a nonpublic, nonsectarian school (as defined in Ed Code §56034). As noted above grant recipients must match the grant funds on a 1:1 dollar for dollar basis. Grant funding can be used for but is not limited to, teacher preparation costs, stipends for mentor teachers, stipends for teacher candidates, and beginning teacher induction costs.

There will be three separate RFPs in 2018-2019:  This is the first competition for Teacher Residency Capacity Grants which are intended for applicants that are not currently operating a teacher residency program and need to build a relationship with a CTC approved university/college special education teacher preparation program and offer a teacher residency program by the 2019-2020 school year.  This RFP and proposal will be due September 28th.

The grant funds for this residency grant may be distributed by CTC through June 30, 2023.   Again, Nonpublic Schools, LEAs and county offices, in order to be eligible for a grant must collaborate with at least one institution of higher education (IHE) that offers a special education teaching credential program. The first step for Nonpublic Schools is to seek a partnership with a District, County Office of Education, Charter Schools, or Regional Occupational Center and estimate how many candidates in the NPS may be interested. Don’t forget, that a basic requirement is to match the grant dollars on a 1 to 1 basis.

If you need additional information or need to discuss this RFP, please do not hesitate to contact the CAPSES office at (916) 447-7061 or by email at