Ryan Eisenberg, Ed.D.

Board Member

Ryan is the Executive Director at AchieveKids.  Ryan has been an administrator and teacher in public and non-profit schools for almost 20 years, and has helped develop programming to meet the needs of students in special education in Hawaii, Massachusetts, and California.

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Ryan has worked in the Special Education and non-profit communities for almost 20 years as a teacher, administrator, and a leader in program development.  Currently, Ryan is the Executive Director of AchieveKids, which operates non-public schools in the Bay area.  Before AchieveKids, Ryan was the Division Director of Education Services for Hillsides in Pasadena CA.  Ryan also has worked as a teacher and administrator for a therapeutic day school in Boston MA, as well as being a teacher and program developer for students struggling within the public school system in Hawaii.  Ryan earned his Doctorate in Education from the University of Southern California in Educational Leadership and has received a Master’s in Education from UMASS, and a Bachelor’s in Special Education from Arizona State.  Ryan serves as a member of local and state advocacy groups focused around improving educational outcomes for foster youth.  As an educator and a leader, Ryan has been driven to improve the educational experiences and educational outcomes for students who have traditionally struggled in schools, or for those requiring more specialized programming.



Doctorate of Education, University of Southern California

Masters of Education, University of Massachusetts, Boston

BA of Special Education, Arizona State University

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