Community Transition Academy

CAPSES Non-Public School in San Diego County

Community Transition Academy
625 Pennsylvania Avenue
San Diego, CA 92129


School Details

County: San Diego
Region: 02
Capacity: 10
School Serves: Both sexes (Coed)
Min Age: 16
Max Age: 22
Conditions: Speech Impaired;AUT
Type: Non-Public School
School District: San Diego Unified

About Community Transition Academy

Community Transition Academy (CTA) is a non-public transition school (NPS) for emerging adults, 11th grade through transition age (22 yrs.), who have academic, language, social, and/or behavioral challenges most commonly associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The highly trained staff at CTA provide a unique educational program, based on a student’s Individual Educational Program (IEP). CTA offers a complete transition curriculum taught both in the classroom and in the community, infused with the evidence-based principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

CTA’s weekday community-based program includes functional academics needed for the transition to adulthood, adaptive social behavior development, social skill training and vocational or post-secondary educational planning and training. Throughout the school day, whether on or off site, CTA students learn self-monitoring strategies to further access the diverse opportunities within the local business, recreational, and social community. By focusing on each student’s interests, needs, and competencies, the CTA program gives them the tools they will need to maximize their independence while building long-lasting, meaningful relationships within their greater community.

To maximize student independence, the CTA curriculum components include, but are not limited to:

Teaching core and functional academics taught in both the classroom and in the community

Providing safe, functionally adaptive behavior strategies while working to reduce socially inappropriate or unsafe behaviors in community settings, using evidence-based practices

Speech and language development and cooperative social communication taught utilizing AAC devices (as written in the IEP) both in the community and with peers

Practicing appropriate social skills, relationship development, network-building, and self-advocacy

Independent self-care, health & fitness

Learning skills in a variety of relevant settings such as restaurant dining, shopping and cooking/meal planning, etc.

Navigating and riding public transportation, transitioning between environments while acquiring community safety skills

Managing rec. & leisure time in a safe, meaningful, and socially-appropriate way

Vocational skill building volunteering with community organizations and local businesses

At CTA, CLASSROOM AND COMMUNITY ARE UNITED into an excellent learning program! The site’s location in the central Hillcrest community of San Diego provides easy and safe access to Balboa Park, museums, walking trails, shopping centers, libraries and restaurants, community volunteer organizations, etc.

The CTA program is led by our extremely experienced Lead Educator and Community Specialist that both have a profound understanding of ASD. The CTA support staff includes a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, an Autism Specialist and ABA and ASD specifically trained Coaches. We have also partnered with Crimson Speech and Language for our Speech and Language services and taking the lead on our social skills training and relationship development lessons is Dr. Jenny Palmiotto from the Family Guidance and Therapy Center.

CTA staff members work collaboratively to foster the academic, social, behavioral, and vocational growth of all enrolled students. For more information, please call us at 858 360-0282or check out our website: to schedule a tour! To begin the enrollment process please fill out the form below and our Lead Educator or Community Specialist will contact you as soon as possible.


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