North Valley Schools, Inc. - Lodi

CAPSES Non-Public School in San Joaquin County

North Valley Schools, Inc. - Lodi
12755 North Highway 88
Lodi, CA 95240


School Details

Region: 10
Capacity: 48
School Serves: Both sexes (Coed)
Min Age: 5
Max Age: 22
Conditions: Severely Emotionally Disturbed;Speech Impaired;Intellectual Disability;AUT;Other Health Impaired;Multiple Disabilities;Traumatic Brain Injured
Type: Non-Public School
County: San Joaquin

About North Valley Schools, Inc. - Lodi

North Valley School Lodi was founded in 1982 by David Favor and is located on 47 acres in rural Lodi, California. It is a private non-profit school certified by the California Department of Education to provide special education services. The specific and primary purpose of North Valley School Lodi is to provide special education schooling for youth, and especially to provide educational services at elementary, middle, and high school levels to students who cannot be conveniently or adequately educated in the public school system. The expanded focus of North Valley School Lodi is to provide an individualized program for each student; an education that promotes independence, understanding, and personal responsibility for each child. Through the intake process, including observation, assessment and prescription, specific academic, vocational and behavioral goals are established for each student. The specific academic needs of each student are addressed through individualized and reality based instruction. Designated instructional services include speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, behavior intervention plan development and implementation, temporary support aide and day treatment intensive mental health services. Additionally, NVS Lodi offers vocational training, independent living skills training, and employment experience through Viking Services Program. Students may also participate in the school's WorkAbility I Program, providing paid work experience opportunities within the community. Extra-curricular activities include sports teams, social activities and recognition opportunities.


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Bianca Zitelli
Executive Director


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