Children's Home of Stockton

CAPSES in Alameda County

Children's Home of Stockton
430 North Pilgrim Street
Stockton, CA 95205


School Details

County: Alameda
Capacity: 108
School Serves: Both sexes (Coed)
Min Age: 5
Max Age: 22
Conditions: Severely Emotionally Disturbed;Specific Learning Disability;Speech Impaired;Intellectual Disability;AUT;Other Health Impaired
School District: Stockton Unified

About Children's Home of Stockton

The Children's Home of Stockton provides specialized academic services to students with primary special education qualifications of emotional disturbances (ED), intellectual disturbances (ID), other health impairment (OHI) and specific learning disabilities. Students are placed in classroom primarily based on grade level considerations, however, socio-emotional and cognitive functioning also play a role in classroom assignments. The NPS offers State approved curriculum for K-8 students and core academic curriculum for 9th-12th students that follows Stockton Unified School District's coursework requirements. Often times course content is modified based on individual students' skill and functioning levels, including functional and independent living skills programming for students with special needs learning to a certificate of completion from the placing District. Students working towards a traditional District diploma are offered a wide variety of elective courses in addition to the core requirements. The NPS also offers access to state-of-the-art technology for use by the teachers for enhancing the instruction and each student has access to a personal laptop within all classrooms.


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Meet the Team

Joelle Gomez

Mike Dutra

Linden Howe
Vice Principal

Anne Romena
Lead Teacher


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