Spectrum Center Schools - Valley

CAPSES Non-Public School in San Mateo County

Spectrum Center Schools - Valley
1026 Oak Grove Road
Concord, CA 94518


School Details

County: San Mateo
Region: 09
Enrollment: 52
School Serves: Both sexes (Coed)
Min Age: 5
Max Age: 22
Type: Non-Public School

About Spectrum Center Schools - Valley

Spectrum Center’s schools offer effective education for students with challenging behaviors and educational needs. The programs provide highly structured and supportive learning environments, high staff to student ratios, non-aversive behavior strategies, individualized student assessment and program design, community-based instruction, precision teaching, and an inter-disciplinary staff of professionals. The curriculum includes training in social problem solving, self-control, language, life skills, travel, leisure skills, vocational skills and academic instruction that meets the California State Content standards. The program emphasizes the student’s successful return to public schools.


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Mishelle Hayes
Program Director


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