Anova Center for Education

CAPSES Non-Public School in Alameda County

Anova Center for Education
2911 Cleveland Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 94503

School Details

County: Alameda
Region: 09
School Serves: Girls
Conditions: Intellectual Disability AUT Multiple Disabilities
Type: Non-Public School

About Anova Center for Education

THE ANOVA CENTER FOR EDUCATION - or 'A.C.E.' School - serves children and teens (ages 6 through 22) diagnosed with High Functioning Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Emotional Problems, Learning Disabilities and other Neuro-Cognitive Impairments. Students experiencing emotional and behavioral challenges benefit from our specialized learning environment addressing both academic and social issues related to their disabilities. The ACE School emphasizes academic instruction meeting California state standards with an enhanced staff-to-student ratio and small class sizes (no more than 12 students per class). The ACE School provides specialized treatment to address complex sensory integration difficulties, specific learning disabilities, language deficits, and impairments in social cognition and related skills. Individual and group counseling, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Adapted Physical Education are among the support services available for ACE students during their school day. The use of adaptive technology (including multiple laptops per classroom and state-of-the-art educational software), video modeling, and other multi-sensory approaches to education are also an important part of our curriculum. Additional support in the form of Family Therapy, after-school activity programs, social skills and language groups, and diagnostic services are also available to students attending the Anova Center for Education. ACE Teachers, therapists, and support staff are dedicated to assisting each student to achieve academic competence, learn the interaction skills necessary to navigate the social world, and re-integrate to their neighborhood school with the skills and confidence necessary to function independently in all environments and maximize their success. Note: Some ACE School services are available to any member of the community affected by a disabling condition, including group and individual therapy, speech and occupational therapy services, social skills groups, and behavior intervention development/implementation.

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