Speech Language and Educational Associates - Los Angeles

CAPSES Non-Public Agency in Los Angeles County

Speech Language and Educational Associates - Los Angeles


School Details

County: Los Angeles
Region: 03
Capacity: 75
School Serves: Both sexes (Coed)
Min Age: 2
Max Age: 65
Conditions: Specific Learning Disability;Speech Impaired;AUT
Type: Non-Public Agency

About Speech Language and Educational Associates - Los Angeles

Speech, Language and Educational Associates was founded in 1983 by its Director, Helen Sherman-Wade. Our belief is that understanding, speaking, reading and writing development are interrelated and hierarchical in their development. Individuals first develop understanding and speaking abilities. Once understanding and speaking have emerged, an individual is ready to learn to read and write. Underlying the development of understanding, speaking, reading and writing is the ability of the human brain to process information both in the auditory and in the visual spheres. Speech, Language and Educational Associates have an experienced and qualified team of Speech-Language Pathologists, Educational Therapists, Child Development Specialists, Behaviorists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Physical and Occupational Therapists who understand the skills needed in order for an individual to communicate, socialize and succeed in an academic environment. We provide (1) Speech and Language evaluations and therapy, (2) Auditory Processing evaluations and Therapy, (3) Educational evaluations and therapy, (4) Developmental evaluations and therapy, (5) Child Development Services, (6) Occupational Therapy Services, as well as (7) Parent Training for behavior, child development, and communication skills. Please check our Services page for more detailed information on any of these fields. Our services are provided in our offices, in homes, in Nursery Schools, Preschools and in Elementary, Middle and Highs schools. Services are provided individually and in groups. We believe that family involvement is critical to a child's improvement. Parents are always encouraged to participate in the delivery of services. We work with families to understand and improve their child's difficulties. Our parent training programs are a critical component to the work we do.


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