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Jan 27

CCTC Releases RFP for Teacher Residency Grants


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The CCTC has released a RFP for a new round of Teacher Residency grants.  These grants are designed to develop new special education teachers and are available to nonpublic schools.  Several CAPSES members current participate in this teacher residency system, either independantly, within a consortium, or through a LEA grant where the school is housed.  RFP's can be found on the CCTC website,    

A teacher residency consists of a school and IHE (Institute of Higher Education) partnership, where a Resident takes course work, and works within the same classroom as an experienced mentor.  Programs are designed to effectively develop teachers, provide increased clinical practice, and strength the support system for new or growing teachers/educators.  California is investing heavily in developing the teaching workforce, and these grants are one of the ways your school can invest in your workforce of tomorrow.

California has also released the Golden State Grant program.  This program runs through the California Aid commission, and is available to individuals seeking a credential through a current or existing program.  If you have employees working on their credential, or planning on entering a credentialing program, they should discuss this grant with the college or university they will be attending.