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Dec 03

CAPSES Launches Executive Director Search


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As the California Association of Private Special Education Schools approaches 50 years of special education leadership and advocacy, we are launching a search for our next Executive Director.  Join our amazing community and help lead CAPSES into the future.

Job Announcement

Executive Director

The Organization:

Incorporated in 1973, the California Association of Private Special Education Schools (CAPSES) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the advocacy of students in special education.   CAPSES looks to maximize the potential of individuals with disabilities by advocating for them in public policy, and prompting high quality instruction, guidance, therapy and staff development.  CAPSES is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the leadership role of the private sector in offering alternative quality services to individuals with disabilities.  By providing the highest quality instruction, therapy, guidance, and advocacy to their clients, CAPES members strive to help special education students maximize their potential and lead independent and dignified lives.  We are able to build that potential by working together to ensure appropriate services to all eligible students and their families.


  • Represent CAPSES, and the member organizations in a professional manner, advocating on behalf of the children and families we serve
  • Promote high quality standards for our members, and in representing our values as an organization

Public Policy:

  • Provide a unified voice of nonpublic schools and agencies serving California students with disabilities
  • Advocate with effective results at the federal, state, and local levels of government.
  • Demonstrate leadership efforts that positively impacts  legislation
  • Inform and educate members of current legislative and regulatory changes
  • Provide advisories and resources to members to assist in implementing changes in laws, regulations, or public policies which impact nonpublic schools and agencies

Member Coordination:

  • Facilitate access to professional expertise
  • Provide and facilitate regional networking opportunities among local members
  • Unite and empower special educators to address local public policies issues specific to their local region
  • Identify regional trends across the state
  • Strengthen understanding, positions, and negotiations with LEAs

The Executive Director (ED), under the guidance and direction of the Board of Directors, is responsible for the vision and strategic direction of CAPSES.  Responsibilities of the executive director include office administration, daily operations, fiscal management, and membership growth, development, and support.  To advocate in public policy for CAPSES’ member nonpublic schools and agencies and individuals with special needs the executive director maintains a strong collaborative involvement with legislators, state departments, governmental entities, and related agencies and stakeholders.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Provide strategic direction and long-range planning in accomplishing the mission of CAPSES
  • Collaborate with the board of directors to develop and implement strategic plans for the operational infrastructure of systems, processes, and personnel designed to accommodate the growth objectives of the Association
  • Provide leadership and management to on and core values of the Association are put into practice
  • Implement new programs and practices consistent with the mission, core values, goals and strategic plan for the Association. 
  • Represent Association in legislative matters and is a registered lobbyist with the Fair Political Practices Committee. Follows all corresponding reporting requirements established by the FPPC, including filing quarterly reports of lobbyist expenditures with the Secretary of State’s Office, attending the annual lobbyist ethics training and abides by all ethical and legal requirements set forth by the FPPC.
  • Review current and pending relevant legal, regulatory and judicial issues and requirements to identify and inform the board of potential new issues, policies or positions relevant to the Association.
  • Manage the outreach to state and federal legislators for action related to special education proposed laws, regulations and bills
  • Engage in public and government relations activities to establish credibility with legislators, state departments officials, lobbyists, related organizations, etc. that CAPSES is an effective leader in developing solutions to challenges in special education

Traits and Characteristics Desired:

  • Strong commitment to the mission, vision, and values of CAPSES
  • Outstanding leadership skills and qualities
  • Strong communicator and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to manage resources and adjust in changing environment
  • A self-starter and who a demonstrated history of success and achievement
  • Sound judgement and decision making
  • Critical thinking skills and high level of integrity
  • Effective listener who can synthesize multiple perspectives and viewpoints
  • Strong work ethic, a good sense of humor, a sense of compassion, and a sincere dedication to strengthening special education


  • Master’s or doctoral degree in management, business, leadership, education, public policy, communications or related field preferred.  Bachelor’s degree considered if combined with certificate and/or completion of nonprofit training and equivalent level of experience
  • Minimum of 4 years of progressive executive level experience in managing one or more major business functions such as business operations, program development, fiscal management, fund development, educational administration, etc.


Competitive annual compensation package to be negotiated

To Apply:

Please direct inquiries, nominations, and applications, including resume and a letter of interest to:

Ryan C. Eisenberg