Guadalupe Gonzalez

Board of Directors

Lupe brings 20 years of experience at Hillsides to her role as the director of Hillsides Education Center.  In this position, she oversees the daily operation of the school, supervises the staff, and is responsible for planning, coordinating, and directing the activities. She supervises the school liaisons and educational staff members in the residential program and is responsible for personnel administration of the school, including recruiting and hiring, among other duties. Previously Lupe was the academic dean of Hillsides Education Center.


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Previous to Hillsides, she taught special education for three years.  Lupe was also a professional dancer in Persian and ballet and has used her skills to begin a cheerleading group at HEC and put on a Day of the Dead school assembly.


Lupe graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Arts in English education and Spanish and received a master’s degree from Northern Arizona University in special education. 

Companies / Associations

Hillsides Education Center, Pasadena, CA