Spectrum Center School - San Jose

CAPSES Non-Public School in Alameda

Spectrum Center School - San Jose
762 Sunset Glen Drive
San Jose, CA 95123


School Details

County: Alameda
Region: 08
Capacity: 70
Enrollment: 58
School Serves: Both sexes (Coed)
Min Age: 5
Max Age: 22
Conditions: ED SLD MR AUT OHI Multi DB
Type: Non-Public School

About Spectrum Center School - San Jose

Spectrum Center’s schools offer effective education for students with challenging behaviors and educational needs. The programs provide highly structured and supportive learning environments, high staff to student ratios, non-aversive behavior strategies, individualized student assessment and program design, community-based instruction, precision teaching, and an inter-disciplinary staff of professionals. The curriculum includes training in social problem solving, self-control, language, life skills, travel, leisure skills, vocational skills and academic instruction that meets the California State Content standards. The program emphasizes the student’s successful return to public schools.


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Lauri Luce
Program Director


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