Jul 03

Governor's Budget Increases Education Funds


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A $183 billion dollar state budget was signed by California Governor Jerry Brown last week and includes $3.1 billion dollars over the last year's education budget and an increase of $1 billion since January.  Barrett Snider, a founding partner of Capitol Advisors Group, the Consulting and Advocacy Agency for CAPSES, summarizes the Governor's budget and where the extra billion dollars are allocated.   "Overall, the final budget is better for schools than both the Governor's January Budget proposal and May Revision.   The main piece of good news for schools (COEs, school districts, and charter schools) is that they will get the $147 per Average Daily Attendance (ADA) in fully discretionary one-time funding in 2017-18, as the Legislature rejected the Governor’s proposal to make those funds contingent upon a calculation in May 2019 (which would have made it virtually impossible to account for the funding this year)."

Read Snider's detail summary of the Governor's detailed budget here.